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leonora hammond

Posted on May 15 2018

Like most people I’ve been fascinated by all the lead-up to Harry and
Meghan’s wedding this month. So much so that when a friend invited me to a
Royal Wedding themed party, the night before the Big Day, I was only too
happy to pull out my wedding dress to wear once more.

Yes, it still fits! Much more than that, however, I realised I love it because it’s a
tangible reminder of such an important day in my life.

Royal or otherwise, I think the reason weddings matter so much is because
they mark the start of a marriage. But when I tied the knot back in 1994 I
remember being surprised there were so few truly personal gifts you could
give or receive to celebrate this momentous/joyous event.

Looking back, I think it would have been really nice to have had a
personalised gift as a memento of my wedding day, something which
celebrated us as an official couple. Perhaps that’s what inspired the ideas I
had later for my prints.

Some, like the ‘Mr and Mrs’ print – which you can have personalised with the
happy couple’s name and the dates they were ‘established’ – are an obvious
choice for a wedding gift.

If you know the couple very well, the ‘House Rules’ is a really lovely thing to
give, as it showcases their values and sense of humour to the world and it
totally unique to them. I gave one of these to a friend’s daughter who was
getting married and she loved it.

With more couples wanting to give something personalised and special to
their other half on the day, our ‘All you need is love’ print doesn’t really need
any explanation.

But if you want to be a bit more left-field, what about the Namaste print? I
know it’s the word you say at the beginning of a yoga session but re-read the
meaning and I think it says something beautiful about a relationship, too.

Because I love words and using them in my prints and designs I’m always
interested in which ones are the most popular. ‘My castle, my rules’ might not
be quite right for Harry and Meghan – maybe more the Queen! - but a lot of
our customers are enjoying this one right now.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate on May 19 – or any of your special days
this month – I hope they are wonderful.

And in the meantime, look out for the launch of our new yoga-wear range. The
shoot will take place on the beach near here and feature my gorgeous
daughter modelling a series of long-sleeve tees and yoga pants. (Yes, I am a
very proud mum!)

Until then,


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