The material used is a premium quality, semi permanent self-adhesive vinyl film. It is suitable for use on all smooth surfaces. The wall stickers can also be applied to furniture eg. cupboards, kitchen units, fridges and numerous other household items. The surface must be dry, clean and non porous. Before application it is essential that the surface you are applying your wall sticker to is free from dirt, dust and grease.

STEP 1: Once you have decided on the position of the wall sticker carefully peel off the backing paper ensuring that the wall sticker remains on the paper application tape. Carefully position the wall sticker on the wall or flat surface. It is possible at this stage if you have not applied any pressure to the wall sticker to reposition it until you are happy with the position.
STEP 2: When you are satisfied that it is in the correct position smooth down the wall sticker using a credit card or similar flat edge object. Starting from the middle and working your way towards the edges smooth it down applying a reasonable amount of pressure.
STEP 3: Once the entire surface of the image has been smoothed down, carefully and slowly peel back a corner of the paper application tape at a sharp angle (it is best to fold the paper back on itself) and gradually remove it until the wall sticker is stuck firmly to the wall. Be careful not peel away the sticker at this stage!Stand back and admire your artwork!
DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the product and because every wall has been prepared differently we do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to walls or surfaces during the application or removal process. Wall stickers should not be applied to newly decorated walls and when doing so should be left to dry for at least four weeks before application.

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