‘Wisdom While You Work’ Book

‘Wisdom While You Work’ Book



Originally written to enhance and encourage her 12 godchildren’s values and virtues, this beautifully designed notebook is packed with pearls of wisdom.

About the Author. Libbla Kelly's career with children, management training, personal training and working with an entrepreneur for 20 years has culminated in this book. It started off as a letter to her godchildren and ended up as Wisdom While You Work - An Inspirational Notebook - a journal of communication - sharing hints and essential messages about life for young people today.

Wisdom is a quality gained from knowledge and experience; perhaps older people today donts' share or pass on their wisdom enough? Perhaps the younger generation just isn't listening?

To bridge this gap and help guide you through the maze of life, each page of this notebook peeks into the crystal ball of wisdom revealing and explaining how wisdom can work for you.

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